vABS - Versioned Arch Build System

What is it?
vABS is an addition to ABS that has as main goal to keep different versions of the official PKGBUILDs. In ABS you have the latest versions of PKGBUILDs, while in vABS you also have old versions.

What is it used for?
vABS is very useful to downgrade packages. Sometimes it happens that a new package brings some bug and you want to return to the previous version until the bug is solved, but for that you need to have the old package in the local pacman cache or in the repositories, but its cache may have been deleted and the package may have come out of the archives. An alternative would be to edit the latest PKGBUILD available in ABS, which can be tricky because some files may not work with older versions, such as patches, etc. Another way would be to download the files via SVN, which is not so practical, although it works very well.

How to use it?
Its use is very simple. Access, choose your architecture, navigate to the directory that contains the desired version of your package and download the tgz file, which contains all the files you need to compile the package. Then just unpack the tarball and compile the package with makepkg, then install with pacman -U package.tar.xz.

For questions, suggestions or problems with vABS, send an email to vabsΘarchlinux-br·org.